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AirPlugger (Tire Repair Kit)

AirPlugger (Tire Repair Kit)

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The AirPlugger is a compact tubeless tire puncture repair tool that fits easily in your tool kit, on your bike, in your pannier, tank bag or under the seat. It features an aluminum case that doubles as the handle, a reamer/clearing tool, needle for inserting the plug in the tire and five viscoelastic rubber “bacon strip” plugs.

The tool and contents weigh 3.8 oz, are 5” long and 1” in diameter. The T-Handle configuration makes it easy on your hand and easier to ream/clear the puncture and insert the plug. These plugs do not require any glue to make a permanent repair.

These pair perfectly with our Air Shot 2.0 12v inflator to make you self sufficient in the event of a puncture. While their light weight and small size make them ideal for use on your motorcycle, ATV, SxS or scooter, they also work just as well on your car, truck or lawnmower.

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