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Black Beard

Black Beard Fire Starter (Fire Starter Rope)

Black Beard Fire Starter (Fire Starter Rope)

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Light A Fire In Any Condition With Black Beard Fire Sticks.. Guaranteed

Attention outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers! Are you tired of struggling to start a fire in less-than-ideal conditions? Look no further than Black Beard Fire Sticks, the ultimate fire starter that will change the way you light your fires forever.

Windproof, waterproof, and made in the USA with the highest quality materials. Our non-toxic, odorless sticks have an infinite shelf life and up to 4 hours of burn time with 50+ fires from one stick. Lightweight and eco-friendly, Black Beard Fire Sticks are perfect for all your outdoor adventures. Try them today and experience the difference for yourself!

Fast Fire Ignition

Black beards Fire Starters work perfect to light a fire in any weather condition. Rain 🌧️ Snow ❄️ Or Wind 💨

Long Burn-Time

Burns long and hot to ensure you have fire when you need it the most.

Lightweight and Eco-Friendly

Perfect for camping, BBQ, hiking, and backyard fire without polluting the atmosphere.

Made In USA

We are very proud to manufacture our Fire Starter here in America using 100% American made materials and ingredients. 


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