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Compact Delta Shovel

Compact Delta Shovel

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Introducing The Compact Delta.  The Delta collection is the next generation E-tool and the Compact is DMOS's most comparable product in blade size to a traditional E-tool.  Where a traditional E-tool fails, is being too short to be useful.  The Compact Delta is stronger and taller - with an overall height of 33" when its telescoping handle is fully extended, the Compact Delta has been rated at over 400 pounds of force with a 4 to 1 fulcrum.

Tech Specs

Packed size:  19 x 7 x 1.5"

Extended size:  33" and height adjustable to 24" 


Blade 14 Gauge Cold Rolled Carbon Steel

Brackets 12 Gauge Cold Rolled Carbon Steel

Connector:  Solid milled 6061 aluminum billet

Handle:  extruded 6061 aluminum, 2 mm thick

Weight:  3.4 pounds 

This shovel is perfect for power sports, side by sides, motor sports and is the best heavy-duty, metal recovery, camp, and survival shovel on the market.  


Packed Size: 20 x 7 x 2.75"
Extended Size: 33" and height adjustable to 24"
Blade: 16 Gauge Cold Rolled Carbon Steel
Brackets: 14 Gauge 1011 Carbon Steel
Connector: Solid Milled Aluminum
Shaft: Extruded From 6000 Series Aluminum
Grip: Nylon Zytel T-Grip
Weight: 2lb 11oz

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