What do I really Need?

What do I really Need?

What do I really need? 

Ahhhh the age old question, the delicate balance between what may I already own and use vs what do I need to spend additional money on to purchase to use for my use.

Here is the reality.... Use what you got! Yes, I am being serious. I talked to a rider this past weekend where she was on her trip and wasn't sure she was even gonna like camping off her bike. She loved riding and camping but wasn't sure on the camping off her bike thing. So I encouraged her to give a go a few times before quitting on it. I also encouraged her to use what she had and make improvements from there if she felt it was truly going to add to her experience.

Yes, I am in the business of selling YOU all the coolest things. Trust me I struggle with not just keeping it all to myself and have all the cool things. That would be a bad business model, ha. But in reality I want you to be successful in your journey. I also want you to be able to afford to go on your trips. If I sell you say $3K in gear, how much time will you need to spend at work to enjoy said gear?

Bring what you brought was a cliche statement I would always here my friend Laud say when encouraging people to just get outside. Don't stress that you may not have the latest and greatest whatever item. If you have something that works, rock it! If you want to upgrade it, lets chat and figure out what we can set you up with. 

At the end of the day the goal for all of us is to have a fun and safe ride to experience something new. Bring what you brought and let us know if there is something we can do to help.


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