About Us

 What is The Adventure Source?

Simply put it's taking the passion we have for the outdoors, motorcycles, bicycles, camping and more... and putting that into a shop we truly care about.

The Goal?

To curate an excellent collection of gear specifically catering to the 2-Wheeled Adventurer but in reality the small traveler. Our goal is to make the search of gear to be used while on your adventure easier. We know how overwhelming it is to find gear and the big gear shops that sell so many options.

We strive to make sure all of our gear is tested and will work when packing small. We also strive to give the best customer service we can by actually answering emails, answering phone calls and answering all of your questions without blowing smoke up your.... well you know what.

About Us:

The Adventure Source was inspired by years of experiences. Experiences from traveling via motorcycle, VW vans, tent trailers, travel trailers, backpacking in multiple continents, planes and our own 2 feet. We have owned shops, businesses, worked for manufacturer's and sold products as an independent representative. We've taken all of our experience over the last 20 years and trying to make you the best store we can.

We have specifically curated our products to provide you the best we can offer.

We wanted to bring the best of traveling small with large experiences. Whether you're riding a motorcycle, peddling a bicycle or towing a teardrop trailer.... packing small but ADVENTURING large!

It all started in 2008, when Dave took his first motorcycle trip.

2008, Dave, and his now wife, Megan traveled to Guatemala for the 1st time.

2009 - 2018 - Dave and family traveled to multiple countries and lots of states via all sorts of ways.

In 2018, our first shop was started with the focus of getting folks in the outdoors with their family.

In 2020/2021, Dave sold that shop and began working for a manufacturer of Adventure Gear.

In 2023, The Adventure Source was built to focus on Packing Small but Living Large. Dave wanted to use the same passion that fueled all his traveling over the last 10+ years, using his experience in the industry and personal travels to share with you.

On a personal Note:

My name is Dave. I am a husband and a father of 3 beautiful kids (thank you Megan). This store really comes to life for my family. I have strived to take them camping and show them how great being outside can be. My kids have probably been to more states than most adults. 

I grew up riding quads and dirt bikes as a kid at my Grandpa's ranch. Those memories are some of the best memories I have. When I was a young kid my bicycle would take me all around town to discovery unending fun. The freedom I experienced of riding bikes at a such a young age is something I want my kids to have.

My first 2 wheeled steed I purchased myself was a 1985 Yamaha Riva Scooter. I loved that thing! From there it went to a KLR650 that was ridden to Alaska. Other bikes have come and gone but the adventures and memories remain. 

Once my wife and I started a family, we have traveled via truck, teardrop, truck camper, pop up trailers, trailers, tents, rooftop tents, and more. 

The Adventure Source strives to help you make those kinds of memories for you and your family!


Pack Small. Live Large


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