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Near Zero

Mini Stove - Isobutane Based

Mini Stove - Isobutane Based

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The Near Zero mini stove is ultralight (1.6 oz.), compact (1 x 1 x 2 inches), and foldable for the backcountry. This pocket canister stove system fits in the palm of your hand. Expand the serrated pot-support feet to securely hold various pot sizes.

  • Adjustable control valve for fast maximum heat output after ignition; easily adjust from simmer to rolling boil
  • High-speed rotating central flame evenly disperses heat, which can boil 2 cups of water in only 2 minutes
  • Universal tread which fits widely available self-sealing isobutane-propane fuel canisters
  • Fuel consumption of 0.3lb/h
  • Includes clear hard case and small cloth sack for convenient and easy storage; use clear hard case for extra protection, or only the cloth bag for stowing in compact places


Best Use Backpacking
Weight 1.6 oz. (47 g)
Dimensions 1.2 x 1.2 x 2 inches (folded)
2.7 x 3.1 inches (open)
Flame Control Adjustable
Fuel Type Butane/propane mix
Materials Stainless steel, aluminum & brass
Maximum Energy Output 2,800 watts

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