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The MotoPumps® Air Shot 2.0 is our newest model. Designed, Engineered and Built right here in the USA. Our carry cases are very high quality and designed to pack easily and protect your MotoPump. They are 600 denier nylon with a 1/4 inch tricot foam padding bonded inside. Custom sewn and screened for us in the mid-west. The injection molding factory is in Pennsylvania. They have small parts makers in Lansing, NY, Waterloo NY, Edison NJ, Rochester NY, Greenville, SC, Corsicana, TX…

The Air Shot 2.0 has reasonable power draw at 7.5 amps at max pressure, excellent performance and most of all reliability. Your tire repair kit has to work when you need it. Over the years, we have learned that lots of features and complexity can multiply your points of failure. This inflator is Round the World reliable.

The MotoPumps® Air Shot 2.0 Kit:
MotoPumps® Air Shot 2.0 inflator comes with an 18" air hose, 90 degree flip type air chuck, 6 feet of main power cord, convertible CIG/BMW plug with 18" power cord, 18" battery ring terminals to SAE cord to install on the bike and 18" battery clips to SAE power cord, heavy duty padded, 600- D nylon zippered carry case.
Full kit with all connectors weighs 19 oz.
Dimensions of the case when full is: 8" x 7" x 2" (2" at the thickest point, much thinner across most of the case with room for your plug kit, leatherman, etc.)

The MotoPumps Air Shot 2.0 Inflator is one of the smallest, lightest, full performance 12v inflators on the market. Powered by your bike’s 12v system, drawing about 7.5 a, weighing in just over a pound, and fitting easily in the palm of your hand, it is convenient to pack along and ready any time you are. The entire kit packs into the heavy duty cordura zippered case (7"x8"x2") that has room to spare for a tire plugging kit and is squishy enough to fit under many seats. The pump will inflate a completely flat motorcycle tire in under 5 minutes or air up a low tire in seconds. Every MotoPump is backed by our Five Year Limited Warranty.

The MotoPumps Air Shot 2.0 Kit provides the performance, ease of use and reliability demanded by avid moto tourists. The pump is heavy duty, yet light and compact, so it is easy to store under the seat, in your tank bag or pannier. It includes all necessary connectors, SAE, Combo Cig / BMW plug, Battery Clips, Battery Terminal Rings, 6’ power cord, and 18” air hose for ease of use. Everything stores in included heavy-duty case with a bit of room to spare if you want to add a tire plugging kit. Get your MotoPumps Air Shot 2.0 and be self sufficient on the side of the road!

Rule of Thumb: If you have straight schrader valves on the bike, choose the 90 degree air chuck, if you have 90 degree schrader valves on the bike choose the screw down air chuck or straight clip on air chuck.

  • Air Shot 2.0 Kit Includes: Air Shot 2.0 inflator with heavy-duty storage case, six foot main power cable with SAE plug, SAE to combo Cigarette/BMW style plug, SAE to battery clips, SAE to battery terminal rings. Select standard 90 degree air chuck, optional straight clip on air chuck or optional screw down air chuck.


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